Monday, May 28, 2012

What you really need?

Ever felt beaten down and you find it almost impossible to get back up?
Ever felt like your world is coming to an end?
Like nothing else really matters anymore because you sees no hope and purpose in everything?
Suddenly everything came crashing down?
And when you look around you and there's not 1 person that could understand and help u out of it?
Being in the pole position makes u feel like shutting down and not care of anything or anyone else.
Feels like all hope is lost and everything you ever live for is a lost cost?

that is because.....

We focus on the wrong thing,
We focus in the world.
We keep our hope in man,
And we live by our own strength
And at the end of the day it let us down.

We as most every other people in this world think and lives about the same one way or another,
There may be various ways to live,but our objective is to survived for the next day.
Living trying to figured out what more can we do with our lives,
whats more interesting while we are still living.
We lived under rules and regulation,
We followed them just so we can get what we want.

What do you really need?

Have you ever had the thought of having almost everything you can grab hold of within your hand,
a nice beautiful house,
your dream car,
a job that pays so well that's more then you'd imagine,
and when everything seems to be at the right place,
you still feel empty?

Life is more than that.
Life is more than having materialistic comfort or pleasure.
Drinking like there is no tomorrow doesn't make you be a Man.
Looking for ways to top the list to be one of the richest isn't a necessity.

I've seen people around me live and have no purpose,
yes, they have money,
big house,
big car,
big bank account, 
and money is not enough, in fact money is never enough.
they live like money rules all,
and when they hit the bottom of their life,
Mr. Alcohol is their best friend.
and cigarette is their right hand man. 

We often tried our best to live to our best,
we often tried to be the best we can,
at a point of life we will realize that we need something else,
something that feeds the "hunger" in us.
to feel the empty in us.
Is not from the world,
is not from having a big car and house,
nor is it from topping the list as one of the richest,

It comes from the life of those who follow JESUS.
Keep you focus on Him,
Speak to Him,
Called unto Him,
and Believe in Him is your biggest challenge. 

I believe in Him


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

I wana grow old with you

Another day 
Without your smile 
Another day just passes by 
But now I know 
How much it means 
For you to stay 
Right here with me 

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger 
But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer 

I wanna grow old with you 
I wanna die lying in your arms 
I wanna grow old with you 
I wanna be looking in your eyes 
I wanna be there for you 
Sharing in everything you do 
I wanna grow old with you 

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger 
But it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer 

I wanna grow old with you 
I wanna die lying in your arms 
I wanna grow old with you 
I wanna be looking in your eyes 
I wanna be there for you 
Sharing in everything you do 
I wanna grow old with you 

Things can come and go I know but 
Baby I believe 
Something's burning strong between us 
Makes it clear to me 

I wanna grow old with you 
I wanna die lying in your arms 
I wanna grow old with you 
I wanna be looking in your eyes 
I wanna be there for you 
Sharing in everything you do 
I wanna grow old with you
~~ I miss you ~~

Friday, April 1, 2011

Good has been GOOD

It's as true as is stated.
6years ago me never imagine where i would be today.
and 6years ago me never dare dream so BIG,

6years ago me, never dream anything about going out of malaysia,
never did i dare dream about having much,
never did i dare hope for much for the result that i got.
and never did i ever dream big.

For those of you who didn't know,
Ive got my strings of D's for my spm result,
I've got my disappoinment,
with my "tidak apa" attitude,
I didn't dream far,

But God had a plan for me,
He says NO, eugene...
Theres much more in u when i created u.
No way ure stopping here....

He got me a sponsorship to support my studies at Taylors,
He got me a Job in a 5start hotel as a start for me,
He then got me a job in dubai in another 5start international hotel,
then after promotions....
a promotion that is during dubai's economic down turn,
and then another promotion after a year. which i initially targeted 5years to reached.

By then im already speachless,...
I was happy,
and afraid.....
afraid i couldn't cope up with the expectation from others.
Because of the changes of cuisine...
The age i was in... I keep feeling i wasn't ready,

But God was with me the whole journey.
I 1st started as a jr.sous chef, things didn't went really well...
I guess because of my young age with such position...
not many respected me, not many wanted to listen , or even bother listening to my suggestion ,
it reached a point where i feelike leaving...
throwing everything away, and just leave...
what's the point of working when i'm not even happy and respected.
twice did i almost hand in my resignation letter,
But i hold back....
after a couple of days weeks...
I told my self, NO....
AM not giving up like this...
am not leaving a kitchen like i cant handle...
not gonna do that...
The harder i fall,the harder ill stand back up.

Cut the story short....
Months past,
Things are getting better, of coz there's still ups and downs...
then came a day my chef pull me in the office,
door close shut..
Look at me and said...
"I want to promote U... what say u?"
Looking at him with my "tidak apa" attitude...(pada hal inside i was opening bottle of champaige celebrating)
I said... Ure the boss.. U ask me ar??
OF COZ I WANT!!! hahaha who wouldn't ??? right??
He laugh... @_@

after days past...
He came to me... saying I CANT be promoted..
reason being, Im not yet a comfirmed staff (still under probation)
Seriously.. i wasn't really disappointed because i didn't even expect to be promoted in such a short time..
But he told me not to be upset,
he will try to promote me.. (and tell me people... why would he do that?)

a month later..he told me he talk to the management...
and i was allowed to be promoted...
i was happy again...
I was promoted again!!!
just 7months ... it would be my fastest promotion in record...
but i know i don't deserved it...
i know it wasn't my chef doing...
i know that God loves me...
He LOVES me...
I got promoted 4 times in 4 years....
i dont even believe myself...
is definitely not me..
is not that because im that good...
is not because my cooking is the best in the world...
is not because i deserved it..

and now...
dont tell me HE isn't real...
dont't tell me how bad a sinner we are and God dosn't loves us...
and don't tell me that its coincidence....
I dont believe you....

so please...
dare to dream..
dare to ask...
and DARE to receive when the time comes...
ure just 1 step away....
its that simple.....


Monday, March 28, 2011

best of the best

My best working partner of all time.
Telepathic understanding
get along well
u can go up forward,dare to take risk knowing that they are behind you backing u up when when u needed,
we are serious when are needed to be,
crazy and serious is taking a nap,

is really not easy to find some1 like u guys to work with,
and im glad at least in my working career i get to meet both of u,
miss working with people like u 2,
crazy yet professional..

we might cross "sword" again...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Psalm 31:1

 In you, O LORD, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame; deliver me in your righteousness.......

When all the clutter is stripped away, what is your real hope?

When you push aside the diplomas, awards, accolades, and honors, what is the basis of your significance? 

Only One endures forever! Only God guarantees that our life is significant.
Only our Savior can provide for us a place where our valuables won't decay and aren't stolen and won't rot.

So let's not place our treasures or our hopes in anyone but the LORD .

3 1/2 years Ago

Got an email today from blene, 
something which I posted 3 1/2 years ago,
looking back then, it was my 1st year when i came to dubai,
realizing and start dreaming big for a better future,

Back then i wrote that i see my self somewhere someday,
1 of it was seeing myself working in Jumeirah hotel
when i was reminded that i wrote about it, I was surprise,
didnt remember i wrote those,

Don't be afraid to dream big, never doubt to ask

When the Lord says He will bless U , HE WILL.